Transference Healing® group or 1:1 sessions

Your Transference healing ® session delivers you an energetic upgrade that heals you on all four planes of consciousness, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual whilst shifting you from one state of being to another. It’s multidimensional, fully comprehensive & pure alchemy! 

Transference healing®️ session will support you to clear and release old limiting behavioural patterns & beliefs, blocks & distortions that are holding you back from living & being the highest version of yourself and creating your best life! 
The session will alchemically support you to raise your frequency and make a shift in consciousness so you can begin to birth your gifts and talents and be the highest version of you! All supporting you to purposefully step up and be of service to your own and humanity’s ascension at this vital time of awakening and New Earth Creation.

What to expect in your session:

As your Transference Healing® practitioner I will channel the universal resources necessary to facilitate a divinely-orchestrated healing – one that is specific to your own enlightenment process.

A full Transference Healing session lasts 60-90 minutes (First sessions may be slightly longer) It can be delivered in person or remotely as in both cases I work on your etheric energy body rather than the physical.

You will receive: 

  • A full Transference Healing energetic upgrade
  • A free Chiron reading with your first session
  • Animal magic card reading
  • An intuitive reading of information that came up in your session so you can be consciously aware of what is occurring for you

For more information about Transference healing®️ see;

I have been fortunate to receive a couple of soul alignment calls with Tracy. On both occasions these have given me valuable insight into where I am on my journey and provided explanations to certain questions I had. After talking things through with Tracy, which is a joy in itself, like catching up with a good friend, I have found I have more clarity about my future. Each call has been invaluable at giving me guidance and confidence to work through decisions about areas where I have previously felt stuck


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