Success Stories

I have worked with Tracy for a good while now and she is such a beautiful, amazing, supportive, empowering spiritual healer full of love, light, encouragement, and an unbelievable amount of knowledge! I am in both her groups 'Empower' and 'Ascend', I've done her 'spiritual awakening' course as well as work 1:1 with her and also received powerful transference healing many times

Serena Teehan

If I’m totally honest, before I met Tracy I was at my worst state I've ever been in my life, my beautiful Mam passed in December 2020, I was totally lost, broken , stressed out and couldn't cope being around people and crowds due to panic attacks. Through Tracy I've found tactics on how to cope in all situations, i never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be living my best life after losing my mother whom I loved and cared for in this life . I'm forever grateful I found my way to Tracy. I was led to Tracy through a lovely friend, at the beginning I was interested in what Tracy did but nervous, however once I did a video call with her I just knew with every part of my being that I was led to the right place and person to support my way forward in my life. I have put 100% commitment and all my faith in working with Tracy and Transference Healing and I absolutely love it! Tracy has guided me to heal and transform myself and my life. So I'm going to continue my own empowerment and self healing journey with her by going to England to be trained in Transference healing - Fundamentals training. If you are thinking of working 1:1 with Tracy I would advise anyone to give this all a go, there's no pressure I go at my own pace. I also love being part of the 2 amazing groups that Tracy runs ‘Empower’ & ‘Ascend’ . I've met so many lovely people. Tracy teaches, supports and guides us, I know more people need this in their lives. It doesn't take your own belief away from you, it adds to your life in a beautiful way.

Olive Smyth

I have been part of Tracy's amazing Empowered Ascension community for over a year now and being part of this wonderful family of like minded beautiful light workers is a true gift. Listening to Tracy's lives each day has given me so much guidance to make positive and profound shifts within my consciousness, connecting me to my spiritual self which has manifested in many changes within my daily life and reality. I absolutely love how there are always synchronicities with so many of the 'Animal Magic' cards Tracy divines daily for our soul group


I’ve been following Tracy on her Empower fb page for the last few months. Her positivity and knowledge has really made a difference in my spiritual journey. Everyday I look forward to her uplifting posts and to connecting with her and her followers


I highly recommend working with Tracy on her 1:1 Empowered Ascension mentoring programme. It is truly life changing and has been an amazing transformative experience for me. Tracy is wonderfully supportive, caring, flexible and sensitive providing solid mentoring and coaching skills on a spiritual level. The included Transference Healings have been amazing. This will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. If this programme resonates with you and you are considering investing in this don't hesitate, jump in with heart and soul, your future self will be so thankful you did!

Maria Nicolls