Empowered Ascension Signature Mentoring Programme

Welcome! I’m delighted that you are interested in going on this beautiful journey of Soul Discovery, Expansion and Transformation together. Below is the information about my Empowered Ascension Signature Mentoring Programme, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you want to have a chat to discuss it further by booking  in for a complimentary soul alignment call with by clicking the button below:

In my 12 month Signature Empowered Ascension Mentoring Programme you will be held, nurtured and guided whilst you learn the knowledge, energetic practices, tools and techniques to become fully empowered to navigate your Self Healing – Ascension Journey with beautiful ease and grace, expanding your perception & understanding so you can embody higher frequency light, as you move ever closer and closer into the remembrance and truth of the divine light being you truly are!

My intent is to teach, guide and practically & energetically support you to learn how to:

  • Self heal
  • Align with your higher self guidance
  • Live from heart consciousness
  • Get to know your truth & essence at a core level
  • Unlock your highest potential
  • Become fully empowered to be the highest version of yourself
  • Create continuous frequency shifts & expansion in consciousness
  • Birth your unique gifts & talents
  • Realise your soul purpose & mission
  • Co-create your best life in alignment with your highest timeline
  • Shine your brightest light out into the world
  • Speak your truth with integrity and authenticity
  • Support New Earth creation in your own unique way

You & I will work extremely closely together and go on a beautiful journey of soul discovery and transformation. I will hold a safe & sacred space for you to be seen, heard and felt. In each session I will share universal knowledge, coach you, channel spirit and dive deep into whatever shows itself for you to clear. I will give you practical tools and techniques to implement so you can integrate your transformation to create progressive change.  

You will receive a variety of 1:1 Transference Healing energetic upgrade sessions depending on your needs at the time. I also teach you smaller Transference Healing energy practices to run on yourself as you step into your own empowerment. All you need to do is show up and 100% commit to your own unique personal & spiritual growth and transformation!

Our work is fun and flexible, therefore changes with your own personal learning needs. The magic is in the mentoring and needs to remain flexible and fluid to suit your individual needs in each present moment. My role is to support you to release untruths and remember who you are! I will be guided by spirit and see what is going on for you each week, ie. blocks, lower vibrational aspects you need to release such as wounds & trauma from this life or past, inner child healing or ancestral lineage and your own desires and aspirations for the end result. 

I believe Chiron – The Wounded Healer is the KEY to our self healing journey, therefore we will dive deep into your Chiron wound and you will learn how to heal your core wound and transform it into your greatest gift, this along with my unique ‘Empowered Ascension’ cocktail of Transference Healing® Energy, Mentoring, Universal Truth Teachings, Practical Tools & Practices along with my gift of Channelling Keys & Codes to create activations for your further enlightenment, all blend perfectly together to enable your fastest possible Frequency shifts, Expansion and Ascension. 

The programme consists of weekly sessions run over 12 months,  I allow for rest weeks guided by spirit and mutually agreed for your integration and growth (a minimum of 42 sessions in total) Each session will last around 90 minutes although some healing sessions may be longer. The programme should be completed within the 12 month period of the commencement date unless agreed by us both or due to unforeseen circumstances. We will meet via Zoom which can be recorded for easy replay.

In Addition to your years Mentorship you will receive complimentary access to:

  • My Empowered Ascension Signature Programme - Your Path To Higher Consciousness - which contains 8 modules with 64 separate universal truth teachings and accompanied frequency meditations and assignments to work through at your pleasure (worth £444)
  • My ever expanding Webinar Series - Expansion into your Highest Self (worth over £144)
  • My Private Membership Community - Tracy Saqladi Ascend - A sacred portal of light and ascension. Ascend is all about energy, decoding & re-coding, embodying more light - shifting in frequency and expanding in consciousness! (worth £28 per month / £336 per year)

Your monthly Transference healing®️energetic upgrade heals you on all four planes of consciousness, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual whilst shifting you from one state of being to another. It’s multidimensional, fully comprehensive & pure alchemy! The group Transference healing®️session will support you to clear and release old limiting behavioural patterns & beliefs, blocks & distortions that are holding you back from living & being the highest version of yourself and creating your best life! The session will alchemically support you to raise your frequency and make a shift in consciousness so you can begin to birth your gifts and talents and be the next highest version of you! All supporting you to purposefully step up and be of service to your own and humanity’s ascension at this vital time of awakening.

In Ascend you will receive:

  • A Live monthly New Moon group Transference Healing©️ Energetic Upgrade - which shifts you from one state of being to another, It’s Pure Alchemy!
  • A Live Monthly Full Moon Healing & Meditation
  • A Live Monthly Intuitive Cosmic Energy Forecast
  • Extensive Ascension Teachings & Frequency Meditation library in our Ascend Portal
  • Daily Weekday Live recording with an Animal Magic card divination, Mini Healing & Current energy update
  • Beautiful Soul Family Connections through our private facebook community

If working with me in my unique way excites you and you’re ready to say YES to yourself, I invite you to apply by booking in for your complimentary Soul Alignment call at the link below – Hold onto your hat, it’s going to be quite a ride!

Before I found Tracy I was lost and disillusioned with life, I had spent many years depressed, isolated and alone. I had pushed away family and friends and was terrified to leave the house, I was frightened to uncover and explore these feelings alone, it felt so huge and overwhelming. Her support and guidance has enabled me to heal this injured and wounded soul of mine.

Tracy has been able to reach deep into the dark recesses of my mind and shine a light on old ingrained thoughts, beliefs, feelings and issues that have pained me, preventing me from living the free, spontaneous and liberating life I so longed desperately for. I find it astounding and breathtaking that she has enabled me to blossom, to become, to see the wonder, exceptional beauty and pure love of life. I now feel love, peace and joy and authenticity, I can choose to live in my own truth every minute of each day. I haven’t got the words to convey my deep gratitude.