About Me

Hello beautiful souls, My name is Tracy Saqladi and I am a registered Transference Healing® practitioner & teacher, Ascension guide and Transformational mentor.

I believe it is your divine birthright to live a fulfilled, happy, healthy, abundant life full of joy, wonder and everything you desire to experience! In fact I know without a doubt that that is what you choose to incarnate into your body on earth to do. Everything is energy and when you realise this and step into the quantum you learn to consciously co- create the life you desire.

If you are a spiritually awake Woman and guided to my page you are also most likely a lightworker, wayshower, empath or HSP and perhaps wanting to align with your soul family, you may feel that inner pull to find out who you are on a soul level, and know what your purpose is in this lifetime. You may be guided to seek guidance, support & healing on your ascension process.

Healing is always an internal process, you have to heal yourself, no one else can do this for you. My services support you to self heal on all levels of mind, body & soul. I empower you to empower yourself by providing a unique combination I have designed to create your fastest soul growth and transformation in line with your highest divine soul aligned path.

  • I teach universal knowledge and give practical tools & techniques to implement into your daily life, enabling you to purposely step up to being the highest version of yourself and support your own, and humanities, ascension at this vital time of awakening on our beautiful planet.
  • I offer intuitive guidance and I mentor you through whatever your higher self is guiding us to delve deep into and heal. Often this comes up to heal through internal or external triggers and can range from inner child wounding, past life or this life trauma that is stored in your DNA, or Ancestral wounding inherited through your genetic lineage.
  • As your Transference healing practitioner I channel universal resources necessary to facilitate a divinely orchestrated healing that is specific to your own enlightenment process. These sessions are pure alchemy! You will be taken through a decoding and recoding process, heal on all four planes of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, clear and release old limiting behavioural patterns, beliefs, blocks and distortions that limit your fullest potential, raise your frequency and evolve in consciousness. A full Transference healing session will shift you from one state of being to another, from this higher version of yourself you can birth your unique gifts & talents, envision and begin to live soul aligned destiny and purpose.
  • I hold a safe space where you can be seen, felt and heard during your beautiful journey of transformation. I guide you through the process of ‘Initiation’, ‘Purification’ and ‘Integration’ so you can be the highest authentic version of yourself and live your best life in line with your highest divine possibilities, soul destiny and purpose.

A little more about me

I live in Leicestershire, England with my beautiful family – Wonderful husband Richie & two gorgeous teenage daughters Amber and Ellie. Looking back I can see I have always been connected to my spiritual path even before I was consciously ‘awake’ always following divine guidance, my life was not the old story of pain and suffering, rather of flow, ease and grace.

Upon the traumatic birth of my eldest daughter I had a huge bolt of universal forces waking me further to my destiny and purpose – the service I incarnated on earth to do. This is what began my 20 year journey through many dark nights of the soul, guiding me into universal knowledge, wisdom teachings and eventually stepping into my own self mastery by training as a Transference Healing practitioner and teacher, Ascension guide and Transformational mentor.

In Transference we work with the Goddess teachings, learn to heal our Chiron wounding, and work with Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters. As I myself progressed through many initiations, purifications and always the integration of my new being, I began to clear through trauma and wounding stored deep within my DNA, self heal on all levels and embody my higher self. Throughout this process my unique gifts and talents began to emerge, ‘Empowerment’ being my biggest gift and soon it became clear that my Soul Purpose is to support others that are guided to work with me through their own Empowerment and Self Healing process.

 Although each beautiful soul I work with is completely unique, my gifts enable me to intuitively guide, teach & empower them to heal and empower themselves. Every soul I’ve had the honour of working with has grown, evolved and transformed into a higher version of themselves, shifting timelines and states of being, learning to shine their true authentic selves out into the world and begin co-create their best lives.

 We have chosen to incarnate at an incredible time in the evolution of our planet. Gaia is shifting from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and humanity is shifting with her! My biggest vision is to support the creation of new earth through heart unity consciousness. My part in this process is to continue to heal and evolve in consciousness myself and shine my light whilst supporting others to empower themselves to do the same. These amazing courageous women then go on to shine their unique light out into humanity and create huge change on the planet themselves.

If you are feeling your calling and are guided to work with me I would love you to book in for a complimentary Soul Alignment call with me and we can assess if I am the perfect fit to support your unique ascension journey of soul growth and transformation.