I help spiritually awakened women step into being the best version of themselves whilst creating their best life, in line with their highest divine potential

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I have been part of Tracy's amazing Empowered Ascension community for over a year now and being part of this wonderful family of like minded beautiful light workers is a true gift. Listening to Tracy's lives each day has given me so much guidance to make positive and profound shifts within my consciousness, connecting me to my spiritual self which has manifested in many changes within my daily life and reality. I absolutely love how there are always synchronicities with so many of the 'Animal Magic' cards Tracy divines daily for our soul group.
Brisbane, Australia

Reclaiming your Divine Feminine Power & Freedom

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My Clients Say...

She fills my heart with love! I joined her daily animal Oracle page and love seeing her friendly face with her warm and loving eyes and smiles. She always has such great inspiring information, such she is empowering contribution to our community, our village and look so forward to her morning messages
Lucie Roussin
Winnipeg, Canada
I have worked with Tracy for a good while now and she is such a beautiful, amazing, supportive, empowering spiritual healer full of love, light, encouragement, and an unbelievable amount of knowledge! I am in both her groups 'Empower' and 'Ascend', I've done her 'spiritual awakening' course as well as work 1:1 with her and also received powerful transference healing many times
Serena Teehan

Work with me

I hold a sacred space where you could be seen, heard and felt during your beautiful journey of transformation

Transference Healing® group or 1:1 sessions

Transference healing ® sessions support you to shift in consciousness, raise your frequency, birth your gifts & talents, and align to your soul destiny and purpose.

Empowered Ascension signature programme

This powerful combination is suited to you if you are ready and fully committed to your fast track growth, transformation, enlightenment and ascension journey

Empowered Ascension Spiral Academy

In my six month Empowered Ascension Soul Sister Spiral our group will work extremely closely together and go on a beautiful journey of soul discovery and transformation

Ascend monthly subscription group

Ascend – private membership group is a beautiful transformational community of light and ascension, we work together to support, encourage and empower each other on our enlightenment and ascension journey